Innovation and Growth – A Brief History of Xi'an Keshang Fluid Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd.


Our company was established by individuals with more than three decades of experience in designing and manufacturing pumps and valves.

Throughout our history, we have remained committed to the principles of efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

Even during challenging periods, we have consistently moved forward, continuously researching and developing new products while expanding our business into various industries.

Our notable strengths are evident in industries such as caustic soda, vacuum salt production, fertilizers, acetic acid, copper foil, papermaking, coking, seawater desalination, and water treatment.

Innovation has been at the heart of our success, driving us to constantly improve and grow.







Innovation, Sustainability, and Growth


Our development strategy is driven by the global challenges of the new century.

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The Future and Sustainability


In response to increasing customer demands, our company is focused on achieving sustainable growth and embracing future-oriented digitalization to ensure market adaptability.












Heading Towards a Global Company


Strategic Growth with Vision: The company is increasing its market presence in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, while also exploring new markets.