Corporate Responsibility





Responsibility in Action


Our pursuit of excellence in products and sustainability is embodied in every aspect of our operations. As a dynamic company, we are acutely aware of our environmental and social responsibilities, and we've thoughtfully balanced corporate growth with our societal duties.








Environmental Responsibility


We acknowledge the threats posed by climate change and the challenges of our planet's limited resources. Our efforts are directed towards minimizing our ecological impact and resource consumption to reduce environmental change. The company is certified under the international environmental standard ISO 14001. Our goal is to leverage cutting-edge technology to produce the most energy-efficient products, thereby helping our clients minimize environmental pollution. All our products and technologies are optimized for energy efficiency, contributing positively to the societal environment.





Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting Youth We provide a robust platform for young people, facilitating their growth and the realization of their potential. Supporting the youth is one of our company's key focal points.

Creating a Safe and Reliable Workplace: In terms of occupational health and safety, the company has established specific guidelines, proactive preventive measures, and personal responsibilities for employees.

Implementing Environmental Protection: Our commitment to the environment spans from offering energy-saving products to adopting resource-efficient manufacturing processes. We are dedicated to environmental protection through various measures and assisting our customers in reducing harmful emissions.







Occupational Health and Safety


Regarding occupational health and safety, the company has established specific guidelines, proactive preventative measures, and personal responsibilities for its employees.








KESHANGSafety is the top priority


A safe workplace where you don't have to worry about your own health should be a given. Since the health and safety of all employees in the enterprise is of utmost importance, the company has developed its own environmental, health, and safety systems.


A strong sense of personal responsibility enhances safety


As a responsible company, we require our suppliers and external partners to adhere to relevant protocols. Everyone working at the company can be assured that we will make every effort to ensure the safety of the workplace.







Environmental protection

Our Environmental Protection Practices: How the Company Reduces the Ecological Footprint of Products and Production Sites to Protect the Environment. Our company is committed to environmental protection through a variety of measures, from offering energy-efficient products to adopting resource-saving production methods, all aimed at helping our customers reduce their emissions of harmful gases.









A Holistic Approach to Environmental Responsibility

At our company, environmental responsibility is twofold: first, protecting the environment during the product manufacturing process, and second, minimizing the environmental pollution generated by our products and services during their operation. To reduce manufacturing's impact on the environment, we ensure our production processes minimize energy and material consumption as much as possible.

Today, all of our products increasingly incorporate recyclable materials, maximizing the possibility of environmentally friendly recycling of raw materials at the end of the product's life cycle.








Certification to ISO 14001 Environmental Standards

In parallel, our company is making every effort to make its production facilities as environmentally friendly as possible. Here, we focus on proactive preventive measures and consistently avoid potential environmental damage.