Attend technical exchange meeting of coking industry

On August 18-19, 2022, participated in the 9th National Exchange on comprehensive utilization of coke oven gas, pollution control, coke quenching and acid production from desulphurization waste liquid of coking industry held in Gaoping, Shanxi. Conduct technical and market exchanges with coking enterprises, environmental protection companies and equipment manufacturers. At the same time, the mechanical seal specially designed for ammonium sulphate mother liquor pump in coking industry is very good in the market. Our company won the technical innovation award at the coking conference.






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Italian Sodium Hypochlorite Project: Titanium Centrifugal Pump

Italian Sodium Hypochlorite Project: Titanium Centrifugal Pump

Faces of the Future

Employees share their reasons for choosing KeShang Fluid

Golden Rooster leaves the old year and ruigou welcomes the new year

The Golden Rooster says goodbye to the old, and the ruigou welcomes the new year. The annual annual meeting of the company was held as scheduled to celebrate the new year's Day party with the active participation of all departments.

Xi'an Keshang fluid equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. was established and operated

With more than two years of preparation, Xi'an Keshang fluid equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. was officially established and put into operation on August 5, 2016. With the tenet of "advocating science, paying attention to technology, being refined and strong", the company always maintains the principle of "customer first, benefiting from all sides", market-oriented, and wholeheartedly provides customers with satisfactory products and services. In order to improve the quality assurance level, all employees will be responsible and willing to visit leaders from all walks of life to inspect and guide work and cooperate with each other for mutual win-win results.

New year's Day

On New Year's day, welcome new year's day, the company holds the annual meeting recognition conference. Since the establishment of the company, the sales and production amount has exceeded 5 million yuan in less than half a year, which has created priority conditions for the company's later development and positioning, and has given rich year-end rewards to the long-term front-line workers.

Summer camp for all employees organized by the company

The company organizes summer camp for all employees to visit Wangshun mountain scenic spot, which enjoys the reputation of "famous mountains in the world are unique, and poems in landscape paintings".

Celebrate the company's bid for Bangladesh titanium centrifugal pump and vacuum pump procurement project

To celebrate the company's bid for the procurement project of titanium centrifugal pump and vacuum pump of 30000 T / a caustic soda project in Bangladesh, which marks that our products have won the favor and recognition of foreign market. The company's products take technology research and development as the core, making the product performance more stable, energy consumption reduced, and product service ability stronger.

Warmly celebrate the successful repair of pump shaft cold welding process developed by the company

Warmly celebrate the success of the cold welding process of pump shaft developed by the company in repairing an expensive pump shaft in our company, and the company also successfully shortlisted as a qualified supplier of Sinopec.

The company successfully completed the production of titanium centrifugal pump and vacuum pump in Bangladesh

The company successfully completed the production of titanium centrifugal pump and vacuum pump of Bangladesh 30000 T / a caustic soda project, started to pack and send them to Tianjin port, and completed the production and delivery of products in advance within the specified delivery time.